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Put more living in your life! Psycho-Cybernetics is renowned doctor and professor Maxwell Maltz's simple, scientific, and revolutionary program for health and success. Happiness and success are habits. So are failure and misery. But negative habits can be changed--and Psycho-Cybernetics shows you how! This is your personal guide to the amazing power of Psycho-Cybernetics-- a program based on one of the world's classic self-help books, a multimillion-copy bestseller proven effective by readers worldwide. Presenting ...

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Apr 5, 2012

Psycho-Cybernetics is great!

This book is worth everyone's time! You can get yourself out of the doldrums by doing the visualization exercises, and that is life enhancing.

Paula W

Jul 28, 2011

Self help book

I owned this book several years ago but did not understand what the writer was talking about. Since then I have been trying to improve myself and release a lot of guilt and anger. Now I have acquired this book again and I sat down for a good read on how to help myself achieve a different out look on life and my helpful role in it.


Jan 24, 2008

The standard for self-image psychology

I read this book when I was young and have recommended it, re-read it and have several versions of audio books and courses on it. It has always been one of the best, if not the best book on self-image psychology. His experience in changing people's physical appearance and noting the lack of change in the patient's self-image gave him a unique insight into the subject. I haven't read a book of this same subject matter that didn't take from this one. Highly recommended even if you have a great self-image to help you understand those that don't (and possible discovering a little more about yourself, as no one is perfect).


Aug 30, 2007

Good Advice

Mr Maltz has extracted and defined all the life principles out of the our Lords Word and prsents them in an easy to follow reading. Highly recommend this book in one hand and your Bible in the other. God Bless all who seek Jesus..

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