Promise of the Witch-King


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The long awaited sequel to "Servant of the Shard" is the second title in a new series dealing with two popular characters from the Forgotten Realms world. All three of the books in the last trilogy by Salvatore were "New York Times" bestsellers in hardcover.

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Jun 14, 2009

Promise of the Witch-King, The Sellswords Book 2

The novel starts great from page one when Entreri and Jarlaxle defeat the lich Herminicle and tower in Heliogabalus, remnants of the Witch-King?s power. Then the novel dies and is very boring and dull until part two. So, stick with it! Arrayan, a half-human and half-orc releases the power of the tome of the Witch-King, Zhengyi, in Palishchuk, as a new tower is erected. Entreri and Jarlaxle get tangled up in the politics of the area between the King Gareth and the Citadel of Assassins. In addition to this, Jarlaxle is following the orders of the sister dragons, Ilnezhara and Tazmikella, to seek out the treasures of Zhengyi that are re-surfacing. Naturally, Jarlaxle holds all the secrets while Entreri is left guessing.

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