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Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has a code of honor which he will not violate, even when his life depends on it. Paradoxically, his code of honor gives him the backbone to survive as a military special forces operative when he is sent on a covert mission to rescue another group which was sent in to assist some nefarious U.S. government plan in a Latin American country. Once there, he encounters an old army buddy (Carl Weathers) who has gotten too deep in the CIA's good graces for Dutch's comfort. When he and his team go into ...


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Dec 7, 2019

Classic Schwarzenegger

Even though it feels like an inferior version of Alien (in a jungle instead of a spaceship) at times, Predator is a classic for a reason. A cool, creative monster and great action makes for one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best films.


Sep 3, 2009

Oldies but goldies

Absolute classic entertainment, comparable with nowadays new-hi-tech but boring pop-corn action movies.
Predator looks abit outdate, but it's always in the heart of all movie fans, including Arnie's fans.
Simple good thrilling plot, good action, good actors, cool short lines and not forgetting the great score that bring up this old hot shot movie to us.

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