Power Yoga: Total Body ()

directed by Ted Landon
featuring Rodney Yee

Show Synopsis

Living Arts and Gaiam present this excercise program featuring an advanced yoga-based workout led by yoga expert Rodney Yee. The poses included grow more difficult as the routine progresses, with Yee guiding participants through a series of standing poses, a variety of forward bends and back bends, twists, arm balances and the Sun Salutation pose. Aimed at strengthening the mind as well as the body, Power Yoga: Total Body Workout is recommended for use with a yoga mat. Matthew Tobey, Rovi

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Sep 11, 2008

The perfect routine

This is by far the most fun yoga routine I have found. I own two other yoga DVDs led by Rodney Yee, and two other Gaiam yoga discs on top of that. There are a few good reasons why this one is so different:

1. Rodney Yee himself has said that yoga is not always supposed to be pretty. However, the way he moves between poses in this routine is so fluid and feels more beautiful than other workouts. This is a great routine for those who enjoy dance.

2. This routine has loads of great instruction while holding a pose. Earlier DVDs that I own just announce the pose--not even a helpful, 'inhale, exhale' here and there. This one really helps you visualize your body's tiniest movements and alignments.

3. The warm-up section is surprisingly active. It's hard to get into a routine when the warm-up is essentially just stretching. The movement in this one really does heat your body up to do some serious working.

4. The routine is full of variety. You don't return to sun salutation between every single interesting move, so I don't get bored like I struggle with in other routines.

I love Rodney Yee's instruction style. I highly recommend this DVD.

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