Point of Impact


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In the jungles of Vietnam, Bob Lee Swagger was known as 'Bob the Nailer' for his high-scoring target rate at killing. Today the master sniper lives in a trailer in the Arkansas mountains, and just wants to be left alone. But he knows too much- about killing. The mission is top secret. Dangerous, patriotic, and rigged from the start. One thing goes wrong: double-crossed Bob has come out alive. Now he is on the run. His only allies: an FBI agent in disgrace and a beautiful woman. His only hope: find the elusive mastermind who ...

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Aug 18, 2016

Enthralling first novel in a series!

Bob Lee Swagger, Vietnam vet and ex-Marine sniper is one of the few characters in Adventure/Thiller novels today who is as smart, tough and determined as Jack Reacher, Lee Childs' ex-Army MP. This is the first in a series and what a beginning. Hard to put this one down until the last page. Published about 23 years ago (1993), it is better than almost anything on the best seller lists today (2016) in this genre.

If you haven't read anything by Hunter before, start with this one.


May 31, 2007

"Point of Impact"

This thriller is an engrosing tale of duplicity and courage. Despite the fact that it has lately been translated into a rather forlorn cinema version, the book itself is simply fascinating, incredibly complex, and full of surprises. It is a story which, although certainly standing on its own, is one of a series of stories by Stephen Hunter about the Swagger sons: a dynasty of men committed to individualism and to the confrontation with corruption, greed, and the lust for control. The main character in "Point of Impact"is a loner, an exceptionally talented ex-sniper, and a decisively creative thinker dedicated more to doing than talking; a figure whose sense of right and integrity leads him into a vortex of danger and manipulations from unidentified forces. The challenge is not only to unravel the source of the powers against him, but to eradicate them. False leads, murder, and fine investigative work are combined with an exceptional knowledge of weapons and human motivation in this skillfully constructed story. I have re-read it several times, entranced by its weave and the tension which Hunter manages so finely to maintain page after page. It is hard to put down, so plan on some extended and obsessive concentration.


Apr 3, 2007

Best I ever read

This is by faR one of the best books I have ever read. Action packed from the beginning to the end. With a terrific ending! If you enjoyed the movie I highly recommend the book.

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