Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining

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Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining first helps students understand established theories and models of persuasion. It then encourages them to develop and apply general conclusions about persuasion in real-world settings. The 5th edition explores how social media continues to be a form of influence, but it also looks at grassroots movements, such as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, and traditional forms of persuasion, such as advertising, marketing, and political campaigning.

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Valerie K

Jan 12, 2019

Deadly Textbook

In this book, Gass and Seiter cover the minutia of the study of persuasion. Every conceivable communication theory is considered and every study known to man is described. Nothing is done in general terms and the student is not considered smart enough to do his/her own follow up or independent study.

This delightful text is presented in a typeset that is tight, concise and minuscule, so this dense text is offered in a format that is exceedingly uncomfortable to read. Further, the page size is so very large and and the book is in paperback format. All of these features combine to result in a product that must be held close to the face to read, most likely balanced on the knees to hold the large document up.

I do not recommend this text to any teacher, student or the casual reader. This level of detail is simply not necessary and the reading experience is completely uncomfortable.

Michael P

Sep 27, 2012


This book is chock-full of details on persuasion studies & theories, but presents it all in a very readable, coherent fashion. I'm A-cing my course!
This is the International version, but matches the assigned text page-by-page -- for about half the price!

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