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So serious, they are. Icarus Line have always trumpeted squawk over rock convention, but Penance Soiree jacks that ante from the very first measure of "Up Against the Wall." Sneering like a crack whore Mick Jagger ("Why can't I get some fo' free?!") and swallowing the bassline howl whole, Icarus vocalist Joe Cardamone makes sex the type of thing to be scared of. There's post-punk in here -- that angularness that's the rage with operators too cool for things like "smelling nice" and "having a job." Icarus Line will attract ...

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  1. Up Against the Wall
  2. Spit on It
  3. On the Lash
  4. Caviar
  5. Spike Island
  6. Kiss Like Lizards
  7. Getting Bright at Night
  8. Big Sleep
  9. White Devil
  10. Meatmaker
  11. Virgin Velcro
  12. Sea Sick
  13. Party the Baby Off
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