Paradise Lost


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'Here at least we shall be free. Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.' Defeated in battle and exiled from heaven, Satan burns in a lake of fire with his army of rebels around him. Consumed with envy, he plots his bitter revenge - to destroy God's delight in his newest creation. During his hunt for Paradise on Earth, Satan sweet-talks his way out of hell and tricks his way across the universe to tempt Eve and seduce humanity. "Paradise Lost", the greatest epic poem in the English language, is a richly theatrical ...

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Jul 21, 2014

Heavenly Love and Hellish Hate

Written in 1667 Paradise Lost is an epic poem depicting the events of the Bible with an emphasis on Genesis Chapters Two and Three. The following is a list of events included in the narrative: God casting a prideful and arrogant Satan with one-third of the angels out of heaven, the creation of Adam and Eve, the deception of the serpent, the disobedience of Adam and Eve, and their subsequent removal from the Garden of Eden. The Son of God and the archangels Gabriel and Michael play major roles in the story. God's grace, wisdom, and love and Satan's pride, arrogance, and ambition are the major themes of this work. I will admit that this is not easy reading and I really had to focus to understand what was taking place in the narrative. Still, I did like this book a great deal with its rich vocabulary, vivid imagery, and many references to Near Eastern mythology, Egyptian mythology, Greek and Roman mythology, the Bible, and classical literature.


Apr 1, 2010

I ordered this for my fiance and he is liking it a lot. He hasn't finished it b/c he has school work to do, but he can't wait until the semester is over so he can start reading again.

The Pageturner

Oct 29, 2008

Gigantic, Difficult Book Worth Reading

Imagine a book the size of the 7th Harry Potter book, but you don't understand any of the language. Welcome to "Paradise Lost". This book in itself is a literary masterpiece and sheer genius. Using poetry to describe the Fall of Man from different perspectives, it is a great way to open discussions ranging from religion to the secular world. I will admit that this book is very lengthy, so lengthy that you feel like you are dying on the inside and want to rip out your hair. But, it is a sort of accomplishment reading it and if you have a book to interpret the language or Cliff notes, you will find this story fascinating. If it were a motion picture, most likely it would be worth seeing. Read "Paradise Lost". If you enjoy that book, read the sequel. I think it is called "Paradise Returned".

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