Paint the Wind


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In Grandmothers house in California, Mayas every word and action are strictly monitored, and even Mayas memories of her mother have been erased. In the rugged Wyoming wilderness, a Tobiano Paint horse called Artemisia runs free. She embodies the spirit of the wild--and she holds the key to Mayas memories, in this epic new novel.

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Feb 4, 2008

really good book (cheesecake)

I really enjoyed this book and my uncle owns the horse that this book is based off of. The book is originally based off my uncles horse Smokey. She comes and rides him every other week i beleive. i got a mauscript from her and i got 5 books from her to give out to my friends, her nephew is really nice too. my uncle see's her now and again and i've met her a couple of times. CHEESECAKE!!!!!!! sorry i'm random that way; i have random spasms. :) the book was very interesting and i have also really enjoyed reading her other books too. i really like the idea of a wild horse being one of the main characters. i also like how she switches points of view from the Artimisia (the horse) and then to Maya's point of view. again........... CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!! :)

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