Oryx and Crake


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Margaret Atwood's classic novel, The Handmaid's Tale, is about the future. Now, in Oryx and Crake, the future has changed. It's much worse and bleaker. And we're well on the road to it now. The narrator is Snowman (a man once known as Jimmy), self-named though not self-created. As the story begins, he's sleeping in a tree, wearing a dirty old bedsheet, mourning the loss of his beautiful and beloved Oryx and his best friend Crake, and slowly starving to death. Earlier, Snowman's life was one of comparative privilege. Crake ...

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laurie n

Feb 27, 2014


shipped quickly and was in fantastic shape!!! Love this seller!


Oct 8, 2010

Thoroughly inundated with intertextuality: the Bible, Huxley, Orwell, etc. Similar to Huxley with the theme of a dystopian future and genetic engineering gone awry, or at least taken to its most extreme. I was surprised with many of Atwood's ideas and found them quite creative. I appreciate that she uses certain words in order to preserve them or save them from obscurity (brainfart, for example), but it would have been better to use them in context instead of listing them in Snowman's thoughts.

Also, the theme of genetic engineering taken to the extreme has been done before: Huxley's "Brave New World" and Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar," for examples. The problem is that, even though Atwood attempts to update this trope by including technology since those books appeared (the Internet, chat rooms, etc.), she offers nothing new to the story and Brunner and Orwell told the story better.


Aug 5, 2009


Oryx and Crake is at once beautiful and unsettling, thoughtful and terrifying, imaginative and down-to-earth.


Nov 6, 2008

It is excellent IF you enjoy reading about possible future scenarios here on eart. A future that does not have aliens, but just of science gone out-of-control.
One that makes you think about the way we are headed.


Sep 28, 2008

A book worth reading!

This is the first book I read from Margaret Atwood. I found it very interesting and scarily realistic. We are living days of profound changes all around the world, both socially and environmentally oriented, and the author gives us a glimpse of a situation that could possibly become true in the future. The story is easy to read and follow, and it captures the reader's attention from the very first chapter. I will definitely purchase another book by this author.

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