Open Season


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Boring Daisy Minor has transformed herself into a party girl extraordinaire in a quest to find a new lease on life. But on her way home late one night, she sees something she's not supposed to see, and suddenly she's the target of a killer. With the aid of the local police chief, Daisy realizes there's no more playing it safe, and along the way she finds the romance of her dreams.

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Jay S

Sep 17, 2010

Read lhe book

another solid book from this go to author. keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the novel. i am reading all of her books as i can.!!!!


Dec 11, 2009

Open season and Linda Howard

Opening Season is the twentieth book I read from Linda Howard. So far it is one of my favorite. The hero, Jack Russo, is the typical hero in Linda?s book. Linda really has a thing for muscular guy. Most of her heroes are cops, federal agents, or military men---in her words the Warriors--- strong, tough a bit chauvinistic and definitely possessive in their own personal life. They usually live in a kill-or-to-be-killed world until they met their women in life and are immediately turned into mush inside. However, in this book, before met his women in fate, Jack already decided to quit from SWAT and chose to lead a quite life as a police officer in a small town. The heroine, Daisy Ann Minor, is a reserved old maid who follows up everything by rules. But one day when she woke up and found that she was already 34 years old, desperately she decided to turn a new leaf of life and start a husband-hunting venture. Perhaps that?s the reason why I love this book. Except that I seldom blurt things out I have so much in common with Daisy ---always trying to be a good girl, clumsy at social graces as well as women style. Until now I still don't know how to wear a decent make-up. In fact I could be another Daisy if I hadn't married myself off before 34.

Anyway those two are thrown together---not in a dangerous situation which often being told in Linda's book--but in a rather boring daily routine of a quiet down. And thank GOD, it?s not a love at the first sight. Dear, I love Linda Howard, but if I read one more fast-deepening attraction, I probably would throw away the book, period. At the first time when they met, Daisy felt very uncomfortable around Jack because he is crowding her personal space and intimidating her with his size. Jack was not attracted to Daisy either,--interested maybe, but nothing strong and definitely not the attraction as a mare in heat felt in front of a stallion. So things between them are carried away in a more light and easy way. They teased, quarreled and made fun of each other---of course most of time it is Jack who made fun of Daisy. The condom jokes really brought me into a serious tearful laughter.

Like many other stories, murder, suspense and plots are always hand in hand with a romance. Still you can easily find plot holes, and except the romantic part the others really are not Linda?s strong suit. For example, as cautious as Mayor Temple, how could he makee such an indiscreet call and even being taped by his wife? Doesn?t make a sense at all. But it?s a romance story, you can?t expect much, right?


Sep 24, 2008


the concept of the book was good, a women is tired of the way her life goes and she wants to make some changes, but she encounters trouble by witnessing a murder she didnt know she witnessed . the concept of the book is good, but this story was lackluster and dull. i will admitt the book had some hummor but basicly the book was dull. dull.


Jan 12, 2008


This is a rare find indeed! Not only does it couple a suspensful mystery /love story, there is an unusual amount of humor in the book. There are situations and quips that made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. Unexpected and delightful, the story was enhanced by the side amusements. Daisy is warm and straightforward and her undeniable quest for husband material at 34 sends her on an unforseen path. She handles her quest without cunning or games, merely set on her path. The innocence is endearing as is her ability to put her foot in her mouth. Her copper (Jack) is also straightforward and there is no game playing, angst or hurt pride/feelings in this book that can be found in many of Howard books. This is not a romance thwarted by suspicion or conflicts between the lovers. They are but a side benefit of the writers imagination. The plot of murder, sale of young girls unfolds around the rest. That Daisy sees what she does not realize and is a pawn in someone else's revenge adds as much to the story as the Aunt does with her humor. Must read - more than once is likely.


Aug 17, 2007

No More Hum-Drum

This is one of Linda Howard's best! Bringing an un-average librarian to life after she realizes her dreams are fading away to step up to the plate for a total life and body makeover. She finds herself to be lusted after ex-swat team member now small town police chief who will stop at nothing to gain her interest. Till the suspense comes into play when drugs, prostitutes, slavery, and human trafficking fall into play. You're on the edge of your chair the whole time. Linda Howard knows what she's doing here.

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