One Wish


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As a child, Luke rescues eight-year-old Charity from drowning. She promises to grant one wish, but he doesn't try to cash it in until 15 years later when he comes back to town. His wish involves a romance with Charity, but by then she is engaged to someone else in a loveless match. And Luke has a few secrets to hide.

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May 4, 2013

Another Yawner from Miller:

The premise of the tale was great: An 11 year-old boy saves an 8 year-old girl from drowning. Charity, being very caught up in fantasy, offers the boy (Luke) one wish ? in thanks for the rescue. Luke decides not to take advantage of the wish at that time. Luke comes from a ne?er-do-well family, while Charity is the daughter if one of the wealthiest ranchers in the area.

The only interesting story, to me, was the brothers? conflict over Luke?s dad killing his wife. Each saw the event through different eyes and there was no common ground for them to reason with each other. Their dad is hanged and the brothers leave the area.

Luke returns 15 years later. By this time, Charity is betrothed to someone her father has chosen for her (Raoul). Charity wants to break the engagement but lots of problems emerge that keeps the couple (Charity and Raoul) from talking. Obviously, Charity allowed events to dissuade her from doing the right thing - breaking the engagement.

Now, Luke is a bounty-hunter, looking for his brother, Vance, who has turned to a life of senseless murder and robbery.

This is a rather bland tale. I was surprised: The title is ONE WISH, yet the author made little use of it. I expected there to be more discussion of the wish, yet it was barely mentioned until the end of the story.

The story was so ?blah? that the next day, I couldn?t remember minor points in the book. That?s sad ? I cannot call it a memorable story!

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