One River


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Montana, 1876. Othniel Charles Marsh, one of the two top paleontologists in the world, in the state's Judith River fossil beds, doing what he does best: digging up the bones of dinosaurs. Montana is a big state, but Marsh can't rest easy. Edward Drinker Cope, his biggest rival, and the other top paleontologist in the world, is also in the area, and there simply aren't enough bones for both of them, leading them to play dirty tricks. And time itself is against them: the fierce snows of winter are on the way and, rumor has it ...

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Sep 27, 2007

Most enjoyable book

A friend gave me this book which is not the typical book I would read however, I can say it is one of my most memorable and enjoyable books ever. Wade Davis drew me in to The Amazon area, its native people and plants giving me an interest that I would not have thought possible. A very special author.


Jul 5, 2007

Ethnobotany at its grittiest

This book is amazing in its content, and anyone interested in aboriginal culture, ethnobotany, botany, uses of medicinal plants, traveling, the Amazon, Central America, South America, the Conquest, the effects of the Conquest on native peoples, etc. will love this book.

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