Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance


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First published many decades ago, E.W. Bullinger's Number in Scripture remains a first-rate scholarly study of the importance of numbers in scripture. Bullinger's work edifies Christians and challenges cynics by expertly surveying the intricate design and purpose in God's inspired word. Though the reader will find reading Number in Scripture from cover to cover satisfying, it is in many respects a reference book. Both Bible teachers, preachers, layman, and new Christians will benefit by keeping this book nearby while ...

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Jul 15, 2010

Christian justification for Astrology

Ever wondered how the alignment of star bodies could ever play a role in your spiritual life? Curious if it's all just bunk, or has it's roots in something more signifcant? Then E. W. Bullinger's authorship of several pieces regarding Biblical reference to the stars could well shed some 'legitimacy' to these thoughts. This author has a long and bonafide history as a Christian author - creator of the Companion Bible, numerous books regarding End of Times and the final book of the Bible - Revelations. Most highly recommended for those wishing a detailed and factual exploration of the meaning of the Stars in Christian life.

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