No Ordinary Time: Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II


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Presenting an aspect of American history that has never been fully told, this Pulitzer Prize-winning work paints a detailed, intimate portrait of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt and provides a brilliant narrative account of America during wartime. of photos.

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Helen Jo S

Nov 30, 2012

Eleanor and Franklin

A story worth reading simply for the history of a turbulent time in US history. The insight into the unusual personalities of both leading characters is intriguing and enlightening. What dissimilar personalities who married without really knowing each other. My estimation of Eleanor took a giant leap upward as I read of her work in the cause of women and Blacks. The involvement of Roosevelt and Churchill in war strategy also surprised me. Great reading!


Jul 25, 2010

Simply The Best

A great work by an author I consider to be the best writer of historical novels. Her reasearch
is thorough. Some truly interesting facts that give wonderful insight into the educational and sociological norms of the times. This author takes the reader through the daily life and times of the people who were touched by the varioius struggles and sacrifices of the the war years.


Jul 22, 2010


What an incredible book. It is the most insightful look at two of our country's most intelligent and insightful leaders. An easy read as it plows through the events of World War II and Eleanor's incredible contribution to American life, albeit ahead of her time.


Jun 24, 2010

Wonderful history of the war years back home. This book presents things you never learned in your American History class! The "behind the scenes" dealings-both political and personal- help paint a more accurate picture of those war years and the attitudes of those in the power seats. A long, but great read!


Dec 18, 2009


This is a great book by a fine historian who really knows how to tell a story. You don't have to be a student of history to enjoy this book. And don't be put off by its size; it's a very entertaining read.
Goodwin uses remarkable sources to find the human side of both FDR and his estranged wife who carved out her own life after learning of his infidelity. Nevertheless they remained friends and he actually reached out to her for support during especially trying times.
I rate it as one of the best books in all of American history!

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