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Nightwood is not only a classic of modernist literature, but was also acknowledged by T. S. Eliot as one of the great novels of the 20th century. Eliot admired Djuna Barnes' rich, evocative language. Barnes told a friend that Nightwood was written with her own blood 'while it was still running.' That flowing wound was the breakup of an eight-year relationship with the love of her life. Now recognised as a twentieth-century classic, the influence of Djuna Barnes's novel has been, and continues to be, exceptional.

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fredrik n

Mar 24, 2011

classic in great condition

first of all the book is in itself a timeless masterpiece,but this edition goes further and points at the orginal genesis of the novel,and second,the book is in great condition and is a true marvel to own.


Aug 1, 2008

A great sleep aid

I bought this book because it was on my list of lists. A guide I use to give myself a little more focus in my hunt for good literature. It is a tiny book that had received some great praise. Don?t you believe it! This book is horrific, unless of course you need a sleep aid. Even the slow paced detailed writing of James Fenimore Cooper could keep me awake, but not Nightwood. In the years that I have had this book, and attempted on many occasions to read, I have made it only to page 25, in a book that has approximately 60-70 pages.. And that was after rereading page after page because after a paragraph or two I?d start falling asleep. I thought it was just me, until I asked my older brother, who reads everything, cereal boxes, owners manuals etc. He couldn?t read it either. Same problem, it puts him to sleep. It wasn't that it was hard to follow, it is just dull. I have admitted defeat. Hopefully you will heed my words and not have to do the same.

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