Night Magic


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A stunning, sensitive young girl falls in love with an older man, a man so profoundly scarred, both physically and emotionally, that he turns her away. But through their shared love of music, he gradually permits her to enter his world, allowing himself to trust--and to love--once again.

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Mar 11, 2010




Sep 16, 2007

Most annoying character

This modern take of The Phantom of the Opera is well written. The description of Erik's house is quite vivid and his friendship with his handy man is most touching. The only part of the novel I could not stand was Marissa or Risa as she is refered as. This vain spoiled girl is simply annoying. One wonders why Erik puts up with her. Alrigh she's supposed to be pretty and he's pretty desperate for a mate but still it cam puzzle the reader. Other characters such as Kitty are more enjoyable. Risa is the kind of girl the readers wish Erik would dump at the end. She treats him like dirt for most of the book and almost has an affair with Stefan, a man she just met. Despite all this Erik takes her back and gives in to her every whim. She remains the vain spoiled girl and nothing has changed. The auther gives the impression of the happily ever after ending but with their communication issues no one can beleive that.


Jul 17, 2007

A decent re-telling...

...of the classic work by Gaston Leroux. It is set in modern times (late 80's/early 90's). The characters are well developed, if a little predictable in spots. The writing is tight and flows well, sweeping you nicely along. The main male character, Eric D'Anton, can get a little annoying with his constant refusal to engage in "normal" things with his wife, Risa. Risa, for what its worth, can be equally annoying and at times immature. The settings are well described and its very easy to get the visual image that the author was trying to convey.
But, put it all together and it does work. I'd recommend this book to anyone, whether they be a fan of romance books or books along the lines of "The Phantom of the Opera".

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