Night Fall


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Five years after the crash of Flight 800, anti-terrorist task force members John Corey and Kate Mayfield pursue suspicions that the truth about the crash has been covered up at the highest levels of government and examine a private video tape that inadvertently caught the airliner's final moments.

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Nov 18, 2010

DeMille as good then as he is now. Very good read. Detail per fect and humor and satire right on


Jul 24, 2008

Tight Suspense !

Using the facts of the crash of TWA Fight 800, DeMille weaves a suspenseful
and terrifying scenario leading to the cause of the crash. The characters
created are likereal everyday people with their own weaknesses. I finished the
book in just three sittings. A must read for mystery lovers.


Jun 29, 2007

BUT NOT THE TAPE VERSION - defective tapping

Having just recently received it, I was excited.
I purchased the cassette version: unfortunately, I could only rate it ....
Rating One Star
I read the book some time ago and thought it would be good to listen to it during drive time, but I can't. The tapes plays garbled. For a few seconds you can hear it fine, then two to five or so's intelligible and garbled, garbled at best...on each of the tapes. That' nine tapes.
What a shame, it is a good story. I consider the story in the book, having read it....
Rating Five Stars

Unfortunately, the audio tape version I received was useless.
Yet, buy the book. Just don't take a chance on the tape version. IT'S A GREAT BOOK.
I have purchased several other of Neville's books on tape, both abridged and un- abrigdged, with no problems and have also often orderer several of those BOOKS ON TAPES, (Neville's) as giftsand sent them directly to friends...with no complaints.

This is the first one from Alibris that I ordered and purchased on tape and it wasn't near up to their regular top level of quality of products and service.

Alibris' books are top quality, regardless of their sources. This tape must simply be a unfortunate fluke; to my grave disappointment. This was just so totally unexpexted.

Buy the book, it is a great read, you just can't drive to it.

ALIBRIS is still a quality provider, just one slipped through.


1 Silent Rating

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