Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain


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Undergraduates everywhere have made Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain a top choice for learning the workings of the brain, its molecules and cells, and the systems that underlie behavior. The Second Edition includes a neuroanatomy atlas with a self-testing feature as well as new chapters on sex and the brain, motivation, and mental illness.

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Feb 25, 2010

Very thorough, good diagrams, but sometimes more in depth than the professor covers in an intro class.


Mar 5, 2009

Great text

This is a great intro text for neuroscience. The language is easy to understand and is more narrative than technical. I rated 4 out of 5 stars since it was lacking in a pharmacological chapter. Perhaps add that in the next edition?


Feb 12, 2009

Solid book

This book foes the trick. I have learned neurological concepts that I never knew.


Apr 19, 2008

Exploring the Brain

Very good introductory text and CD-ROM for students not that familiar with neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. The first part of the book covers the basics of nervous tissue cell structure and physiology, the structure of the brain and spinal chord, followed by a useful very condensed color coded neuroanatomy atlas showing surface and cross-sectional anatomy of the brain and spinal chord. It then deals with sensory (taste, smell, vision, hearing and touch) and motor (muscle action and its control) systems as well as the autonomic nervous system. The final parts of the book deal with systems of behavior involved in eating habits, emotion, memory and learning. Sufficient background is given so that one understands topics from other fields, e.g. details of muscle structure and function are presented so that one can understand motor systems. Highly recommended as a first text for students with no previous, or very little, experience of the field on neuroscience.


Oct 11, 2007


Great book if you are going into the NeuroScience Field. Not so great if you are majoring in Psychologly. Great pictures and diagrams throughout the book and the extra practice tests that are available through a website listed in the book are great for a review.

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