Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer


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Offers insight into healthcare practices, identifying the cellular sources of aging and illness and revealing that aggressive treatments provide an illusion of control and survivability at the cost of life quality.

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Charles S

Oct 18, 2019


This book isn't an advice book. No one should expect that. It's a book about the reality of aging and death and whether or not you believe you can beat the Grim Reaper. The medical establishment doesn't serve health or the aged very well, the author states and demonstrates, largely because it's based on technology and corpses, not living beings with moving parts.

It discusses the role of exercise, supplements, doctor exams, alternative medicine as well as biology, specifically macrophages, as well as discussions about the soul, the self, the brain, and the universe.

It's an engaging, ripping reading experience, and it ends optimistically and speculatively about being part of a universe that is living, not dead, even though we will die.

The lesson learned here is that no matter how much you "take care," we are not in control of our bodies. Our immune system has its own mind, and medicine has neither the power nor the understanding to control it either.

It's a sobering, stimulating, and optimistic reading experience.


May 18, 2018

Natural Causes

Very disappointed in this book. I was hoping for the author to write about what "choices" people had in end-of-life decisions, but she went on in great detail about macrophages, self, I, religion, etc., etc., etc. It seemed to me that she had leftover material from her PhD thesis in molecular biology [?] and she needed a place to put it. In the end, as elderly patients, we should be knowledgeable on whether or not to choose more "medical care" that will run up thousands of dollars of expenses, or just ask for "comfort care" and realize we have had a good life and want to die with dignity. I think readers will be disappointed.

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