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Not the Beatles, but an incredible facsimile: on their sprawling 27-song debut opus, Music From the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle, the Olivia Tremor Control manage to summon not only the sound of the White Album-era Fab Four, but also the unfettered creativity. The soundtrack to an unmade film about a pair of women named Olivia and Jacqueline and a massive earthquake dubbed the California Demise, the album incorporates a slew of influences and textures (including Beach Boys-flavored pop, psychedelia, ...

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  1. The Opera House
  2. Frosted Ambassador
  3. Jumping Fences
  4. Define a Transparent Dream
  5. No Growing (Exegesis)
  6. Holiday Surprise
  7. Courtyard
  8. Memories of Jacqueline 1906
  9. Tropical Bells
  10. Can You Come Down With Us?
  11. Marking Time
  12. Green Typewriters
  13. Green Typewriters
  14. Green Typewriters
  15. Green Typewriters
  16. Green Typewriters
  17. Green Typewriters
  18. Green Typewriters
  19. Green Typewriters
  20. Green Typewriters
  21. Green Typewriters
  22. Spring Succeeds
  23. Theme for a Very Delicious Grand Piano
  24. I Can Smell the Leaves
  25. Dusk at Cubist Castle
  26. The Gravity Car
  27. NYC-25
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