Like many old rock & rollers, Tom Petty decided to get the band back together after taking a leisurely stroll through his back pages. Prompted by his Runnin' Down a Dream project -- a four-hour Peter Bogdanovich documentary supplemented by a coffee table book -- Petty began thinking about his first band, Mudcrutch, the Southern rock outfit he had before the Heartbreakers that featured Tom Leadon, brother of Eagle Bernie, on lead guitar. Formed in Florida in 1970, Mudcrutch ambled out to Los Angeles four years later but they ...

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  1. Shady Grove
  2. Scare Easy
  3. Orphan of the Storm
  4. Six Days on the Road
  5. Crystal River
  6. Oh Maria
  7. This Is a Good Street
  8. The Wrong Thing to Do
  9. Queen of the Go-Go Girls
  10. June Apple
  11. Lover of the Bayou
  12. Topanga Cowgirl
  13. Bootleg Flyer
  14. House of Stone
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