Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee

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An internationally known yoga instructor outlines an eight-week program of basic yoga postures, meditation, and breath awareness intended to lead practitioners toward balance--physical, emotional, and psychological. 250 full-color photos.

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Nov 1, 2007


Rodney Yee's Moving Toward Balance is the most thorough, easiest to follow, and best illustrated book on Yoga that I've found, and I've looked at a lot of Yoga books. I'm well started on his eight-week program, taking twice as much time as recommended on average for each daily set of exercises, while also attending Yoga classes.
Yee introduces the basic moves and postures in a way that even a person in his mid-60s can handle without excessive strain -- not to brag, but rather to amend that statement in the interests of safety, I was in good shape to start with, but lacked the kind of flexibility that Yoga teaches. The three stages of difficulty that Yee illustrates for each posture gives beginners like me a way to break into the activity without tearing ourselves to pieces, or falling over every time. The illustrations, by the way, are big, pleasant, and in color.
I've found the book to be an excellent compliment to group Yoga, where you skip along from one pose to another -- er, make that flow from one to another. You can practice the basic postures and the fundamentals of breathing and attitude on your own, as a supplement to the class experience. Yee, in fact, recommends home practice as the anchor for Yoga. The writing in the book is exceptionally clear and without cant -- for example, if you want the Sanskrit names of the postures you can find them in the index or elsewhere, but Yee uses standard English in the main text. Sanskrit is the Church Latin of Yoga, separating the elite Yogi from mortals like me.
Perhaps I won't rave so much about the book after I've finished with the eight week program, but I suspect I will. Yee, in his relaxed but authoritative way, tells you at the end of the book that one way to continue your Yoga practice is to go back to the beginning and start all over again; there's enough here for a lifetime of Yoga.


Apr 4, 2007

Great Book!

I found this book extremely helpful to my yoga practice. It includes ways to modify postures to make them work for you, restorative poses and tips for creating a daily practice that works for you. It is beautifully illustrated and generally easy to understand. I did find it took me longer than 8 weeks to complete the program. It continues to be a valuable resource book for me.

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