Mountains Beyond Mountains


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"The quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a man who would cure the world" --Cover.

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Mar 18, 2010

Profoundly moving.

Tracy Kidder lends a credible voice to a story so inspiring that the term seems inadequate - the story of Paul Farmer and Partners in Health. If nothing else, this work confirms that a person can recognize a problem and work to solve that problem and should do so when presented with the opportunity. A simple message that the world might do well to remember. Kidder's narrative exhibits a stark honesty that protects this tale of self-sacrifice from smacking of self-satisfaction. Mountains Beyond Mountains is done well enough that it literally has the power to change the reader's life . . . It certainly did for me.


Oct 8, 2009


I had read the book and liked it and wanted my wife to listen on disc. But the book turned out to be abridged and the labeling was deceptive in not disclosing that. Tht is a frequent problem with books on discs. The publishers (and sometimes the sellers) do not disclose it--or bury the word "abridged".


Sep 10, 2009

Good Stuff!!

Mountains Beyound Mountains is definitely a recommended read, no wonder it was a Pulitzer winner. It is well written, and inspiring. The only downside is that after 200 pages, one gets a little tired of all the talk of Tuberculosis (sp).


Sep 10, 2009

Great book

If there was only one book I was allowed to read, this is the one I would choose.


Jan 19, 2009

Inspiring but Convoluted

Dr. Paul Farmer is a saint and this book is living proof. It's hope in humankind and the realization that despite racial, geographical, national, and religious boundaries, we are all but mortal afterall. The imagery and lessons learned in this book can be beautiful, symbolic, and just plain awestriking. How one man can be crazy enough to aspire to change the world, and how all it takes is one man to start-- a myth to possibility to fact.

On a practical level, for the average person, this book may be far too informative to keep a readers' attention. At first, it's absolutely amazing, and Dr. Farmers devotion continues to inspire, but it's just too many facts thrown out there and it often seems to ramble. It's almost a guilty bore, to be honest. For me personally, I feel guilty for getting bored at a story of someone so wonderful and real.

Our entire Arts & Sciences college was assigned to read this and most, though respectful and honoring of Dr. Paul Farmer, found this as something they wouldn't want to read again because there's just too much history/statistics/stories thrown into it. Plus, there is no plot... it is a biographical piece. There's no set climax, it comes and goes, it informs and it shows.

It'd be great for someone into global affairs and medicine. No doubt. If you're into really informative biographical type pieces, this is for you. 5 stars there and 5 stars for Dr. Farmer.

Otherwise, it's enlightening for all, but sometimes difficult to continue to focus reading for the average person.

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