Miss Twiggley's Tree


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Funny Miss Twiggley, who lives in a house in a tree with a dog and bears, forgets her shyness and saves the townspeople when a flood hits the town.

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Jul 6, 2010

love this book

This is one of my favorite books of all time. When I was just a wee tot I made mother read it over and over. She soon memorized the entire book and still knows it today! I was published just a year after the book. :) in other words, she has a great memory.


Aug 30, 2007

A Timeless Tale

I believe that nothing happens by accident. After searching for this book
for twenty years, a copy finally landed in my hands. As the sun was
setting over the tropical pacific island where I now live, I gently ran
my hands over the cover and opened the book to read to my five year old
daughter. What was it about this story that stuck in my mind and drove
me to search for it all those years? What about that tree made me smile
whenever I chanced to wander under a Weeping Willow tree?
The answers were obvious, as I struggled to finish the story, my voice
full of emotion. Miss Twiggly's Tree is an absolutely delightful tale
of the frailty of the human spirit and the power of friendship,
kindness, and forgiveness. Miss Twiggly is a shy woman who feels
uncomfortable around other human beings, preferring the comfort of her
animal friends. But when the weather turns decidedly dreadful, she
summons up all the courage and determination from within and overcomes
her shortcomings in order to help those around her to make it through
the storm. The words are rhythmical and the pictures have a soft,
dreamy, gentle quality about them.
After finding the used copy, I realized that I had been searching for
the wrong title all those years. I am sure that was no accident. It
just took me twenty more years of life experience to gain a new
appreciation for what Dorthea Warren Fox was trying to say all
those years ago. The tale is simple, but the melding of life experience
and the joys of sharing great literature with a loved one made it a
great read.


Aug 28, 2007


I Love this story. They just don't write childrens books like this anymore. I have been looking for this book for years. I had it as a little girl and wanted it for my kids but was unable to find it until now. I was ecstatic when I searched Alibris and actually found, not one, but many copies. I, of course, HAD to have it. I will treasure it and now have it to read to my grandchildren since all of my kids are now grown and never got to benefit from it. I thank you so much for helping me bring back a very good memory from my childhood. I also found another from my childhood that I had forgotten about and it just came up on my recommendations. I again, of course, HAD to have it too. It is "How Fletcher Was Hatched" I will be writing its review next. Again, THANK YOU for putting a smile on my face and the memories that I can now share.

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