Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America


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Lawyer and popular radio talk show host Levin throws the book at out-of-control liberal judges who ignore the Constitution, dismantle the rights of American citizens, and make up their own coercive law from the bench.

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Feb 26, 2020

The Enemy from within....who wears black robes.

I just finished reading all six of his books. This is a good one to start with if you want to learn how our judicial system has destroyed our republic, !One opinion at a time!. Sorry what they taught you in college is incorrect. Our founders did not create a democracy. These judges could have saved a lot of time by just shredding the bill of rights and constitution. Judges hid behind convoluted language that conceals their hatred for the freedoms that were written into the Original Constitution and bill of rights. They used "their interpretation" of the Commerce Clause to enable greater powers to the Federal Government that were never intended by the framers of our constitution. Roosevelt packed the court with communist leaning judges that enabled him to create federal agencies with power that was unconstitutional, however, the convoluted "opinions" of his stooges in black robes enabled his communist advisors to created departments and programs at the federal level that could never have been justified if the judges were not able to write disingenuous opinions, that create new laws contrary to our constitutional republic. P.S. Progressive + socialist = Communist


Aug 16, 2012

:) Great



Aug 21, 2009

very concise

A great read. He details the history of the problems the Supreme Court has gone through, from the number of crooks, bribe takers, members with old age memory problems, mental illness, etc. He argues against lifetime appointments and for either a mandatory retirement age or length of service limit. You will be amazed at the insanity of decisions that are based on no law, or law that is "assumed" to exist but is not written. He quotes current justices who favor looking to international laws and not the constitution. This nine member panel is controlling our government's headlong rush to abandon all the principles the country was founded upon.

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