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James Murphy translation of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler's political ideology. Vol. 1 was published in 1925 & Vol. 2 in 1926. Hitler began the dictation of the book while imprisoned for what he considered to be "political crimes" after his failed revolution in Munich in November 1923.

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Jamie B

Apr 4, 2013

This book is apalling to most people.....but I believe it is an important part of the world's history and actually being able to read Hitler's reasonings for his atrocious actions.


Mar 7, 2013

Great book and service!

Great book and service. Thank you for the fast service.

Edgar T

Jun 21, 2012

Nice edition of a controversial book

This book is a hardcover one that is very firm and it is translated from the original Hitler's text in German. I like tis book as an academic resource for research, and to me this edition is very well done. I do not rate five stars because of the content of the book, but for its quality on pages, cover and features.


Oct 18, 2010

Raw and Empassioned

Personal views on the author aside, this book is full of raw and empassioned views on a range of subjects relatable to the German people of the time. The intimate and personal thoughts of the world's fourth most mass murderers are presented for people to scour and interpret. The book can be difficult at times to understand and the context does not always fit with western views of the world at the time or the way we understand them now.


Dec 28, 2008

Mein Kampf

This is a very intense read about the coming about of Hitler's view on politics and race. Not for the faint of heart. Although the book is a very interesting read, it really takes concentration and intestinal fortitude. Great book to get a bird's-eye view of Hitler's genius.

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