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Medium Energy might be pushing it since the deadpan Todd Barry often sounds like he needs a good poke with a stick, but behind the weary delivery is a sharp, somewhat sick wit. Barry's act has more than its fair share of filth, but with a delivery that's the polar opposite of Andrew Dice Clay's, his sleaze material is a fascinating kind of creepy instead of the usual brash offensiveness. Past the icky toilet humor is Barry's acerbic observations on everyday life and some hilarious riffing on the music industry that suggests ...

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  1. Intro
  2. ATM
  3. Autoerotic
  4. Movie in Neighborhood
  5. Florida
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. Big Bookstores
  8. K Mart in New York
  9. Body Shop
  10. Answering Machine
  11. Food or Music?
  12. Buy Parents House
  13. Sperm Bank Babies
  14. Real World
  15. MTV Diary
  16. Behind the Music
  17. Grammy Awards
  18. Band with Orchestra
  19. Boxed Sets
  20. Behind Stage
  21. Fugazi
  22. Bands Reuniting
  23. Cosmo
  24. Wok
  25. House Cut
  26. Fruit
  27. Possible Heckle
  28. Slop CD
  29. Check with Meal
  30. Thanksgiving Dinner
  31. Stealing Backpack
  32. Tattooed Women
  33. Neck Tatoo
  34. In a Band?
  35. Prison=Hotels
  36. Couples Who Agree
  37. Coffee Maker
  38. Class Act
  39. Offer to Crowd
  40. Too Many Diet Pepsis
  41. Coke vs. Pepsi
  42. Prostitution
  43. Condom
  44. 3 Pack
  45. Larry King
  46. Lady in Audience with Cap
  47. Party Invitation
  48. Lavender Shirt
  49. Fastest Hj's
  50. Temp
  51. Gym Renewal
  52. Crazy Mixed Tape
  53. Hit on Staff
  54. Movie at Motel
  55. Austin Complaint
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