McKettrick's Choice


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In this latest entry of Miller's McKettrick Cowboys series, eldest brother Holt arrives in a small Texas town to to save his best friend from the gallows. Sparks fly when he discovers neighbor Lorelei Fellows is the daughter of the judge who's sentenced his friend to hang.

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Sep 20, 2013

A Satisfying End to the 4 McKettrick Sons:

In the opening pages, Holt McKettrick is waiting for the preacher to marry him and his mail-order bride, Margaret Tarquin. A rider comes up to the gathering, asking for Holt Cavanaugh. After Holt reads the letter from the rider, he immediately heads for his horse.

The McKettrick men stop Holt, reminding him about the guests and wedding. Holt offers to marry her but says he must leave immediately after the service; she refuses, turns to the guests and says there will be no wedding, but asks the guests to join her in a wonderful feast and dance.

Thus begins Holt's story. He must return to Texas to save one fellow Ranger from the gallows, find the Ranger who sent the note and save his volunteer-father, John Cavanaugh from ruin. This is a very satisfying story; the characters were complex and had a variety of motivations.

There are fights with Comanche's and dishonest land-grabbers as well as a judge who bends the law to his will. There's plenty of action and suspense.

The only disappointment was the very-quick Epilogue.

This is one of the most interesting series I've read. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others who like this genre.

The McKettrick's
1. High Country Bride (2002)
2. Shotgun Bride (2003)
3. Secondhand Bride (2004)
4. McKettrick's Choice (2005)


Aug 28, 2012

avid reader

my very favorite of miller books, i've read all but a couple, this one was a very good read. get this book you wont be sorry


Aug 23, 2007

Great Trilogy!!

I read this book from cover to cover because it was so great that I could not put it down. I would recommend this series to anyone with a love for western romance.

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