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Brujeria made their undoubtedly colorful debut with Matando Güeros, one of the more curious grindcore albums of its era. This band of Latin American narco-satanists could be the most deadly group out there, at least judging by sonic assaults like "Molestando Niños Muertos" and "Narcos-Satánicos" -- or they could just be a bunch of death metal professionals reveling in a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek side project. Either way, Matando Güeros makes for a fun listen, assuming you're into exploitative stuff like this. The music? ...

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  1. Pura de Venta
  2. Lleyes Narcos
  3. Sacrificio
  4. Santa Lucía
  5. Matando Gueros
  6. Seis Seis Seis
  7. Cruza la Frontera
  8. Greñudos Locos
  9. Chingo de Mecos
  10. Narcos-Satánicos
  11. Desperado
  12. Culeros
  13. Misas Negras (Sacrificio III)
  14. Chinga Tú Madre
  15. Verga del Brujo/Estan Chingados
  16. Molestando Niños Muertos
  17. Machetazos (Sacrificio II)
  18. Castigo del Brujo
  19. Cristo de la Roca
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