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In this uncensored and wildly entertaining work, Weber offers a "Waiting to Exhale" on testosterone--a male take on modern love, marriage, and everything in between, as four lifelong friends discover there is more to marriage than meets the eye.

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Aug 21, 2007

Interesting read

I truly hope that there are no men out there actually like those depicted in the book. I was so angry at the men, as well as the women in the book, that I actually wanted to crawl through the pages and shake some sense into them. Although I think a lot of material was left out that should have been written, such as when Rose wanted so badly to place her name on his accounts, what happened after he did, and it was not exposed enough how the child was not his. Although I figured it out, it should have been developed through writing, and the storyline of her having his mother killed should have received more writing as well. It just happened to be dumped into one page and ended shortly after.
The writing could have been better. He does not do enough character developing for my taste. He has a penchant for leaving things in the air with his writing. And the ending was not satisfactory to me in any way, Wil never had the opportunity to develop as a man and put his obnoxious wife in her place and I think we as readers were robbed of that satisfaction because she kept a lot of stuff going with her mess.
Although I finished it, I was in no rush to do so. I am not sure how many more of his books I will buy, so far I have at least 5 in my care and feel the same about the writing in all of them.

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