Marie Antoinette: The Journey


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The award-winning biographer of such historical figures as Mary Queen of Scots, Cromwell, and King Charles II now pens a riveting portrait of the young Archduchess of Austria, who arrived in France in 1770 to marry the future Louis XVI and was guillotined 23 years later. of color and b&w photos.

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Apr 3, 2007

Great Book!!

This biography by Antonia Fraser is very entertaining and interesting! It reads more like a novel than an academic biography. I found myself rooting for Marie Antoinette's escape even though I knew what the ending would ultimately be.
In the movie based on the book, Sofia Coppella focused on the parts of the book that pertained to Marie Antoinette as a person. Ms. Coppella created an intimate portrait of the heroine that gives us a perspective on what it must have been like for a young girl to be thrust into the horrendous situation that was Versailles at that time.
Overall, the book and the movie were very different and had different foci. They, therefore, both succeeded -- but in different ways.
Read and watch and then tell us what YOU think!!

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