Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age


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May 23, 2011

0 Meridian .. Alexandria, Egypt

This is not technobabble nor Renaissance .. it is brilliant America at its best .. with the help of college students and SAC Officers .. perseverance .. hard work .. they take us where no man has trod before in the written word.

"Am" in Hebrew means Nation. "Lat" in Hebrew means "held in privy or secret. "Emir" in Hebrew means ruler .. Emirica or America .. "a Nation that shall rule itself" .. discovered with Lat and Long and those devices were kept in strictest confidence for millenia .. to the consternation of the Roman Empire, the Pope and today's colleges and universities.

Follow this book with Mertz's "the Mystic Symbol" and you shall be on a "real roll." Then, learn Hebrew, and I am German.


Aug 10, 2009

The power of learning.

A dispassionate account of the exploration of interesting questions raised by the impossible accuracy of old maps. This enquiry by a group of students goes deep into the questions of how maps, made in a time when people found it impossible to determine their position on the globe, could be as accurate or nearly as accurate as modern maps.

The books stops at the end of what can be discovered from the maps. As an account of how to engage students in learning, this is a boffo book. As an opening door to new questions, it intrigues. Where could these maps have come from?

One answer is that they were traced from more ancient ones, remnants of a now-vanished civilsation - from perhaps 10,000 years ago! - whose mathematical knowledge matched our own. Who could these people have been? What happened to them? That is for the reader - and your students - to explore.

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