Many Lives Many Masters


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A practicing psychiatrist and past-life skeptic is amazed when one of his patients recounts past-life experiences and astounded when he personally undergoes regression and recalls detailed previous lives of his own.

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Feb 6, 2014

Life-Changing Information

Life after death? Life after life? This book by a brilliant physician, scientist, and previous sceptic documents the revelations under hypnosis of a patient about more than 60 previous lives, her experiences in between, and the real significance of existence and human behavior. An essential read for all humans.


Apr 26, 2012

Past Life Regression

This book is excellent. Of course there is no way one can prove or disprove reincarnation as it is up to individual beliefs.
Brian Weiss worked extensively with this one particular female patient and according to his writing she went into eplicit detail of her "past life' experiences and brought her to some kind of healing in this lifetime which according tro his writings helped her immensely to turn her life around.
It shows that traditional therapy or in her case hypnotherapy was not a useful tool really. The hypnotherapy brought her to her reality and understand what was happening now or now in terms of the time line(s) mentioned in the book.
Since Dr. Weiss was focusing on his experiences with this one particular female patient it is hard really to decipher how accurate this really is. The reader has no way of verification of anything written here, but it is a great read, and is very easy to read and understand as most of these type books go into esoteric terms.
I would recommend it despite its limitations as it is an interesting read, and the hypnotherapy sessions bringing one into a past life is too detailed to say whether or not this was an actuality / actualities (as it details more than one past life).


Apr 26, 2012

A very interesting book

The book deals with the past lives of a patient of Dr. Weiss who remembers them under hypnosis.Very interesting regardless what your stand on this matter may be.

La maestra

Nov 5, 2010


good condition, fast shipment. 100% satisfaction. I will buy from you again.


Sep 16, 2010

great reading

it makes you less worried about the future if we can work on the present and live fully our worries are less. we do not need to be scared about death since our sould remains together with the ones we love.
This is a great oportunity to grow

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