Man Riding West


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Saddled with a gunslinger's reputation after killing a bandit, Jim Gary finds himself on the run and finally in a confrontation with an old friend and a gun battle to the death.

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Mar 1, 2020

Early Work by L'Amour

This book contains six stories and one novella, The Trail to Peach Meadow Canyon, which is the best of the bunch. Since there is no publication data presented in the book it is hard to tell when these were written and published for the first time, but these are early entries in the LL catalogue. The novella was expanded several years later by LL to produce the short novel, Son of a Wanted Man which say daylight in May 1984 when Bantam his publisher couldn't get enough new material from him to satisfy the public demand for his work. And it shows, as the quality of that novel is not up to LL's usual standards. But all in all this book needs to be on your LL shelf to complete the collection.

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