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A baby girl is rescued from a snowy path in the woods. A baby boy is stillborn. A young Queen is taken ill. An ExtraOrdinary Wizard mysteriously resigns from his post. And all take place on the same night. A string of events, seemingly unconnected, begins to converge ten years later, when the Heap family receive a knock at the door. The evil Necromancer DomDaniel is plotting his comeback and a Major Obstacle resides in the Heap family. Life as they know is about to change, and the most fantastically fast-paced adventure of ...

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Jun 18, 2011

Recommended for Ages 9-12 ONLY!

This book was just okay. It?s definitely written for children ages 9-12. In my opinion, it?s not like the ?Harry Potter? series were it?s easily captivating and loved by readers of all ages. As a middle-aged adult it only barely kept my interest. A few of the characters were interesting, (Marcia Overstrand and Stanley also known as Rat 101), but there did seem to be too much set-up going on in just one book for the series. Angie Sage?s head had to be crowded of swarming ideas. I do not recommend this book and/or series to anyone over the age of 13. If it were not for Barnes & Noble offering it as one of its Free Friday?s ebooks, I would have never bought it. And I?m so very thankful that I didn?t pay any of my money for it.
Book One is the mystery of the seventh son of the seventh son, who is prophesized to be the most powerful wizard they have ever seen in their time so far. This is mixed with the dark times of the necromancer and ex-ExtraOrdinary wizard DomDaniel taking over after the Queen?s murder. A little girl will come to learn of her destiny too. Filled from cover to cover with all kinds of humorous spells, mystical creatures, and magical objects, children who can?t get enough of ?Harry Potter? are going to love this series.


May 6, 2009

One of my Favorite Books

I love Angie Sage's Septimus Heap series. I bought this book when it first came out and have read it several times since. It isn't only a book for children, as the title and description might imply, but the depth of imagination that Sage provides is amazing. I have to admit that I enjoy Magyk more than Harry Potter, it's true.


Sep 19, 2008


This book was full of magyk and fantancy with all the talking animals working with the witches and the herb potions the wizards and all there ways It left no room for the reader to add to the imagination It is a definite must for people who like a bit of magyk reading share it with your children excellent family book


Apr 3, 2007

Must Read Magyk

Angie Sage's Magyk is an excellent start to her Septimus Heap series. It is funny, fast-paced, and magykal.

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