Magick in Theory and Practice


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The magician does not doubt that the same causes will always produce the same effects, that the performance of the proper ceremony accompanied by the appropriate spell, will inevitably be attended by the desired results, unless, indeed, his incantations should chance to be thwarted and foiled by the more potent charms of another sorcerer. He supplicates no higher power: he sues the favour of no fickle and wayward being: he abases himself before no awful deity. Yet his power, great as he believes it to be, is by no means ...

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Jan 9, 2021

I got it for what I needed it for!

That is all I want or need to say about this book. Also, it corresponds with the PDF versions I have of this book.


Aug 14, 2009

Magick In Theory and practice

Advanced text....This particular book can be purchased in its comfort spot with Liber ABA.Whole societies have cropped up on the basic sought after written techniques..Here in ..
Big and bulky...However if you enjoy talking with the elementals...this book was made for outside use...the pages are made to be wind drawn for you!!!!! valuable for the neophyte...start with book4 first ...

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