Magical Thinking: True Stories


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From the #1 bestselling author of "Running with Scissors" and "Dry" comes an outrageous collection of true stories that confirms Augusten Burroughs' position as a top satirist and memoirist.

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May 22, 2009

Horribly funny and honest

If you like reading about a mean person who is honest about being a mean person, then anything by Augusten Burroghs is for you!

Magical Thinking is a collection of anecdotes about Burroughs life from childhood to the present. With a funny, cutting and endearingly self-deprecating voice, Burroughs will have you laughing out loud. From his childhood delusions about being a Hollywood star to the time he dated an undertaker, Burroughs' life is fascinating, sick and very strange.


Feb 13, 2009

Love Augusten!

If you've read anything else from Augusten then you must read everything!
He has a brilliant way of 'being human' in his story telling - a way with sharing his most intimate moments in humorous light that makes you not want to put the book down till you are finish!


Jan 31, 2008

Great follow up to Dry

I really enjoyed the stories in this book, they range from Augusten's youth to his present life. A Very entertaining deeper look into Mr. Bouroughs' life. Stories get a little a watered down towards the end as Bouroughs attempts to make the mundayne more compelling.


Jun 5, 2007

Pure Magic

Augusten Burroughs takes life--the mundane and the heartbreakingly tragic--and turns it into hysteria. I had read and thoroughly enjoyed "Possible Side Effects," and had read and was (very) disturbed by "Running with Scissors" (o.k. so shoot me--I'm a Mom; I find neglect and abuse disturbing). Magical Thinking is more of Burroughs' delightfully warped perspective of work, recovery, dating, cleaning house, pest control, and finding true love. I think I will employ some magical thinking of my own: Augusten will at the computer and write another memoir for my enjoyment.


May 20, 2007

I Still Love Augusten

After reading Running with Scissors, I NEEDED Burroughs. I craved his writing and his deliciously desturbing stories. Magical Thinking, with a beautiful and interesting cover matched with an inticing title, caught my attention. While it was interesting most of the time and his writing style can keep me going all of the time, I was disappointed after reading it. It was not of the same calibur as Running With Scissors. I don't think that will be an ongoing problem for Augusten, living up to his bestseller, but I do think this piece didn't do it. Maybe it's the content. I was looking for more drama, more explicit insanity; I wanted children pooping under pianos and bathtubs full of glass, not Augusten convincing his husband to get a job or killing an old boss with his mind. Although I would not recommend this BEFORE Running With Scissors, it is an easy read and gives an interesting look at the internal insanities that make up Augusten now. But I am still more interested in Augusten then. I will try again with Dry.

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