Madeline's Christmas


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It's Christmas Eve, but Miss Clavels' charges are all in bed with colds feeling thoroughly miserable; all that is except Madeline. She is busy tending to her friends until there's a knock at the door. The rug-selling magician standing on the doorstep proves to be a Christmas blessing.

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Sep 20, 2007

A Christmas Gift

Madeline is the only healthy kid in school. When a merchant comes to the door, the nun gives her money to buy these rugs. Medeline claims this will help keep the kids warm. The cute part comes when its discovered that these rugs contain Christmas magic. All the kids fly home to be with their family. The nun isn't shown flying home and some kids have asked if she flew too. The story doesn't make that clear. Some kids were distressed that the kids were missing christmas to begin with. Young children don't always understand the two sick to travel explaination. That excuse is technically void since the kids fly home on a carpet.

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