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This is a wonderful new episode from the world of Philip Pullman's bestselling trilogy, His Dark Materials. In Lyra's Oxford the reader shares the huge excitement of discovering a small bundle of material that has somehow slipped between Lyra's universe and our own. The book includes a wonderful new story by Philip Pullman, fully illustrated intricate maps and other ephemera from Lyra's universe. The text is illustrated throughout in beautiful black and white wood-blocks by the highly acclaimed engraver, John Lawrence, ...

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Apr 17, 2008

Good but too short

I loved the trilogy by Pullman and was excited to delve into Lyra?s world once again. However, this is incredibly short (less than a chapter in a novel). If you love the trilogy as I do, it is worth adding to your collection for completeness sake; just don?t be disappointed by how small the book is and how quick of a read it is. The story is very simple and in fact you don?t learn anything really significant about Lyra and her world other than a few small details of her life at school. Still, as I said, for me any little chance to enter her world is worth it.


Mar 13, 2008

Buy with caution

This is not a stand alone book. One would have to have read His Dark Materials trilogy in order to get anything at all out of it. For those addicted to the story, it is a delicious tidbit.
Hopefully at least one more in depth book is to follow. There are several unanswered questions at this point.


Oct 8, 2007

Great little followup read

This was a very quick and fun read! It fills you in on what's been going on since Amber Spyglass left off....but it's not a full book or anything. It's just a short story that keeps you wanting more of Lyra & Pan and thier adventures!


Apr 12, 2007

Interesting, but not essential

This book is a great addition to the collection of any HIS DARK MATERIALS fan. However, it is not a great stand-alone book.

If you have read all three volumes of the HIS DARK MATERIALS series, then this is a nice follow-up. However, although the story is entertaining, and it gives us a look into Lyra's mind after the end of THE AMBER SPYGLASS, it still lacks the panache of the other books in the series. The events in the book raise all sorts of questions, most of which go unanswered. Unless there are more books in the series after this one, it doesn't really seem like the story has much of a point. This stand-alone volume doesn't really contribute much to the overall story of the series.

Sure, it's nice to know what Lyra's been up to, but there's no resolution, which is a little frustrating. The book's content and length make it feel a little like an appetizer. You can't make a meal out of one hors d'oeuvre, though. It's worth a read, but I wouldn't pay full price for this one. The artwork is wonderful.

I reccommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the other books in the series. Just be aware that it is much shorter than the other books, and it may leave you unsatisfied. If you are a little bit of an obessive completist, like me, you will want to grab a copy of this.

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