Lyndon Johnson and the American dream


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Jul 31, 2018

Great History of a Turbulent Presidency

By reading this account, I learned a great deal about the personality of Lyndon Johnson; his effectiveness as a legislator; and his character development as a forthright man of his time in history. The Viet Nam war was his downfall, but it becomes clear why he was driven to act as he did to prevent the creep of communism throughout the world.

He was abandoned by the press and his colleagues in the congress because of the war albeit a righteous cause in his mind. He was highly effective in passing civil rights legislation in his early Presidential years. He sought the thanks and love of those he helped but was rejected by this same group whom he thought owed him a great deal of thanks for overcoming the odds of passing legislation.

A good read and well put together by Doris Kearns Goodwin.


Jul 18, 2008

Relevant Today

The self imposed isolation that Lyndon Johnson created to insulate himself from the critics of his policy in Vietnam, and the sycophants that he surrounded himself with as a consequence, is explored in depth and it is shockingly relevant to the Bush White House and G.W.'s disconnect from alternate points of view. For those who do not believe the analogy between Vietnam and Iraq is credible, reading this book will expose multiple parallels that are chilling and relevant. Like Doris Kearns, I was a fan of Johnson with the exception of his Vietnam policy and, also like her, I was saddened by the legacy that he left behind.
Truly, it seems, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes (at least whenever we put someone from Texas into the White House).

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