Lucia, Lucia


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Catherine G

Jul 25, 2013


I really, really LOVED this book. If you are Italian you will love it too.There is so much to relate to. A wonderful story of a young woman, and her family, who stood up for what she wanted in life and didn't cave to what was expected of her.
Good Reading.


Mar 21, 2013

Great read

Another of Trigiani's well written books. Was sad when it ended. All the characters seemed so real you thought you knew each and every one of them.


Apr 26, 2009

Brava Adriana

I enjoyed reading this book for I am no stranger to much of the dynamics of the characters in this story.

Adriana Trigiani knows how to paint a picture with words and the scenes where quite vivid with the reading so much so, I could almost smell the perfume of the air or the food in the pot!

The characters and how they functioned within this Italian family are what I recall for the time and between our immagrant family members, neighbors and friends. We all had our family conduct styles and traditions depending on the region and province of Italy our families came from so the finer points in this story were nicely and universally depicted.

For me there were a few scenes that slowed the story down. Although the pages leading up to Lucia's wedding day were animated the outcome was very predictable. I would have liked more tension and less build up between the characters at this part of the story.

All in all I enjoyed this book and will read more of Adriana Trigiani's writing.


Oct 19, 2008

Wonderful Read

Trigiani pulls the reader in with wonderful details. New York City in the 50's, a strong woman of independent means, fabulous clothes, handsome and dashing men, and love. You can find it all in this book.


Jun 22, 2007

Charming book

as with all of Adriana's works this was also a great read. She is wonderful

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