Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

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Bringing Byron Katie's revolutionary process called "The Work," a grassroots phenomenon, to a mainstream audience who has embraced it, this paperback edition will introduce countless more readers to the four questions that have already transformed thousands of lives.

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May 28, 2014


this book has simple yet very powerful ideas that really can be life changing. I am enjoying learning to use them and growing as a result.


Mar 6, 2014

great program

The tapes and cds for 'Love what Is', have been around for a while, and are not easy to find, yet it's still valid. The prices at other outlets are much higher. I'm so glad to have the tapes and really impressed with the options that Alibris offers compared to several other vendors.

I'm doing 'the work' and this program is good, very helpful.

Kerrie C

May 26, 2011

simple ways to find inner peace

Byron Katie provides great wisdom and an easy way to do some self inquiry to turn around the negative beliefs in your mind. Being at peace with what is, is the goal. Great wisdom from a true human being who has been there...


Feb 17, 2011

Loving What Is, Or Isn't

Byron Katie simplifies the general concept that nothing matters, there is no reason to stress, and that we are the projector of our own reality. I agree with a lot of what she has to say, but let's face it, we are human and we will react to the things that occur in our lives according to our temperament.
If you want to gain some calming ideas, read this book, if you think you will become master of the universe, you better read it more than once.


Jul 15, 2010

Loving What Is

Clearly explains with many examples of "The Work". Many different scenarios were covered from individual situations and thoughts to thoughts and beliefs that were made as small children. This book helped me to get an entirely different perspective on my thought process itself. I especially found freedom from the tyranny of my thoughts with her insights about my thoughts thinking me...much like I am not consciously breathing myself or making my heart beat. So, my thoughts are "thinking me" not vice versa. That idea cut a lot of the strings of attachment I had to my thoughts. Her thoughts about death also have made a big shift in my thinking & fear of death...both my own and others. Powerful ideas to ponder.

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