Lost Light


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Fed up with the hypocrisy of the LAPD, Harry Bosch has resigned and is forced to find a new way of life. But the life of a retiree doesn't suit him. He has always devoted himself to justice, and he is still drawn toward protecting - or avenging - those whom the law has failed.When he left the LAPD Bosch took a file with him - the case of a film production assistant murdered four years earlier during a $2 million robbery on a movie set. The LAPD - now operating under post 9/11 rules - think the stolen money was used to ...

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Antonio Espana

Oct 30, 2020

A different Michael Connelly

All Connellys books written along the same themes, so far read 19 books... This is somewhat different, its a good story but strange angle in how its storied almost as though it was written by another author with the help of Connelly


Jul 3, 2015

Another Amazing Harry Bosch Story

After introducing the circumstances of the story and some of the players, this book starts to move, increases speed and finally moves at breakneck pace until the end. I don't usually comment on the readers of audiobooks but Len Cariou has captured Harry Bosch's persona. Some readers tell you what is happening but Cariou brings the listener along for the wild ride.

Harry has retired from LAPD and is working some of his old cases. One of his cold cases has always bothered him; Harry starts looking into the death of Angella Benton, an employee of Eidon Productions, who was found dead in the foyer of her apartment building.

A few days later, Bosch was on the set of a film where $2 million was used as a prop. During a risky daytime robbery of the set, Harry wounded one of the robbers; but none of them were ever caught. Because of the media glare, the murder and robbery were paired and taken from Harry. They were turned over to 2 Robbery Homicide detectives.

Days later, the 2 Robbery Homicide detectives were eating lunch; a shooter came into the diner and shot one detective dead and permanently paralyzed the other. It seems that cops are suspicious of coincidences; they dropped the Benton death and heist cases and moved on to other incidents.

Bosch is aggravated that he has no real authority without his badge. However, he sees that he still has a mission - to see justice done. He will pursue the killers/thieves with or without the badge. Bosch soon finds himself afoul of a federal terrorism task force and some of the coworkers in his previous life as a cop.

When Bosch finds out that an FBI agent disappeared while following the trail of the missing money, he knows he is onto something.

Harry Bosch
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Elizabeth R

Jul 12, 2011

Not One of His Best

I really enjoy Michael Connelly's books and I think he is a gifted writer. For some reason, however, this book falls short of his other ones. I especially thought the ending was weak.

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