Little Black Sambo


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Unabridged, full color, original 1899 text by Helen Bannerman of a very brave boy outsmarting bullies of the world. This faithfully reproduced 1922 version has the majestic fonts, layout, and illustrations of Florence White Williams.

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Mignonne J

Apr 14, 2011

Little Black Sambo

Love having this book back in my collection of old favorite books. I had it as a child and am a collector of black memorabilia. such as the Cream of Wheat ads that included the blacks.


Mar 25, 2010

Changed publication

I thought I was getting the book I remembered from childhood, but this book is in black and white. The vivid colors are an intrinsic part of the story. I should have been more diligent in tracking down the book I loved as a child. There are color illustrated books out there and I will attempt to track them down.


Dec 7, 2007

Where's The Controversy?

My grandmother had this book when I was little and it was my favorite bedtime story. It was exciting, and as a child, the fact that the lead character is a child that outwits the evil tigers was very empowering. My favorite part was that he was able to have all those pancakes with syrup and butter. I had wonderful dreams of stacks of pancakes dripping with butter and syrup. Which was the breakfast at grandma's house, inspired by the previous night's book.
I cannot see why this book could be banned or looked down on. I never felt like it was insulting to African Americans nor did it depict them in an unsavory light. I think it is a wonderful book and have bought it for my boys, who love tigers, adventure and especially, pancakes smothered in butter and syrup.


Oct 12, 2007


When I was in college a professor told us to read "Little Black Sambo" so I read a copy a friend of mine had. It was a story I never thought of reading. I knew it was controversial and did not know what to think.

I really liked it when I read it. Tigers always make excellent villians and here the tigers want Sambo's clothes. Sambo is an intelligent and resourceful child. He manages to save the day all by himself. Most children's book have the child require help by an outside source, but here Sambo has enough brains to out smart a bunch of rather dumb tigers. This is a great book.

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