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Written on the basis of Bonhoeffer's experience as head of the German 'confessing church' seminary in Finkenwalde.

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Jane K

Dec 28, 2012

I needed this book for a class. I was expecting it to be very difficult. I was pleasantly surprised as I got into it how understandable Bonhoeffer made it. I learned alot from it.


Jun 23, 2010

After spending 10 summers at Wilderness Ranch and experiencing the unique Christian community which makes WR such a special place...and spending 7 of those summers in a leadership position, I finally read this classic Bonhoeffer book. I know I know. I really liked this book. Many parts of it were familiar, as it has been a source text for many camp devos and worships. Yet, reading it cover to cover was a great exercise. It is a book I intend to read once a year from now on. The reader can easily tell that Bonhoeffer's words are inspired and show careful wisdom.


Nov 22, 2007

We are family!

This is an amazing book and one which I think every Christian should read at least once! It is especially challenging to our American individualist mindset - the whole idea of true Christian fellowship/community goes against our "its just between me and God" way of thinking. We ARE united in Jesus Christ - and that's the reality, like it or not. We ARE responsible to and for one another, as messy as that sometimes can be. The Christian community is not a rose-colored glasses, tidy, perfect kind of place. It is a down-in-the-trenches, very real bond between fellow sinners created by Christ Himself. Bonhoeffer offers a particular challenge to all who think they can be Christians without belonging to a church.

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