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There are plenty of connections between the Jewish and African-American people. Both have been oppressed and enslaved during history, and many Jews were involved in the civil rights struggle of the 1960s. This album is as much a celebration of that time as it is a political statement of solidarity in song, cantorial chant, and spoken word reminiscences. At times quite extraordinarily lovely, as on "Venomar Lefanav (Let Us Sing a New Song)," with its klezmer overtones, or "I Have a Million Nightingales," it can also turn ...

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  1. B'chol Dor Va'dor (In Every Generation)/I'm On My Way
  2. Ha Lachma Anya (This Is the Bread of Oppression)
  3. Avodim Hayinu (Slaves Were We)
  4. In the Mississippi River
  5. Remembering Phil Ochs
  6. What's That I Hear
  7. The New Colossus/Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor/Motherless Child
  8. Democratic National Convention 1964
  9. Mah Lecha Ha'yam (Sea, Why Do You Flee?)
  10. Man Come into Egypt
  11. Ilu Finu (Were Our Mouths Oceans of Song)
  12. Let My People Go: Story of an Activist's Life
  13. Freedom Road
  14. I Have a Million Nightingales
  15. Venomar Lefanav (Let Us Sing a New Song)
  16. We Shall Overcome: Evolution of a Song
  17. Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)/We Shall Overcome
  18. I Won't Turn Back
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