Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds - Super Fat Burning ()

directed by Cal Pozo
featuring Leslie Sansone

Show Synopsis

One of three in high-spirited Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds set, Super Fat Burning is part of a unique routine that allows walking for exercise to be accomplished right inside the home. For health and weight loss, these easy-to-follow instructional videos feature alternative instructional help to accommodate a range of viewers' body styles and fitness levels. Super Fat Burning, the third video in the set, goes on a three-mile walk, focusing on upper body movement as well as footwork. Sarah Sloboda, Rovi

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Sep 13, 2012

If only she would SHUT UP

First the pros:

Familiar team from the first 2 WATP workouts (!-mile and 2-mile)
Pretty good variety of moves for a walking/stepping video
Some of the form tips are useful
The class participants don?t talk as much as in the first 2 workouts

The cons:

Sansone starts some moves with no warning. At one point she even laughs about it.
She NEVER stops talking. Instead of being instructive, helpful, and motivational, it becomes very distracting.
She preaches about "god" in this workout.

After the 1-mile and 2 mile workouts, I was very optimistic that this would be a great work-out too, but it isn't. On the plus side, you will work up a sweat if you try too. On the down side, you may end up with some joint injuries (elbows especially) if you use weights for the weight section. This is a fast paced workout and Sansone has you move the weights to their full extension and at this pace is it nearly impossible to not jerk, so you can end up with some serious pain if you do this wrong.

To be fair, during the aforementioned 1-mile and 2-mile workouts, the class has a lot of talking going on, and it is so staged and phony that it is cringe-worthy. That talk is cut to a minimum on this video, but at the cost of Sansone talking and talking, and talking right over them, and without a breath talking some more.

The deal breaker: As if her nasal tone and banal banter weren?t enough to try to block out, on this video there is a point where she goes on and on about ?god?, ?blessing?, and ?praying? all in a way that I found offensive. She speaks like she is sure everyone is religious or more to the point - should be. It is her preachy attitude that has put me off to her and her workouts.

Want a DVD? You can have mine, cheap. Kidding, I am donating my collection to the library. And this is sad, because there is some good, but the bad far outweighs it for me.

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