Les Miserables ()

directed by Bille August
featuring Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman, Claire Danes, Hans Matheson

Show Synopsis

Bille August directed this Rafael Yglesias adaptation of the 1862 classic by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) about the quest of Inspector Javert to capture escaped convict Jean Valjean, originally an honest man who was jailed for stealing a single loaf of bread to feed the family of his starving sister. This new interpretation of Hugo's epic begins with Valjean (Liam Neeson), released after 20 years of cruelties and hard labor, reporting for parole in Dijon. Stopping at a bishop's house, he's treated with respect, but even so, he ...

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Apr 15, 2009

An outstanding movie

For those who have not read the book, this movie is a must-see. A great movie for couples, teens - anyone really. The depiction of Jean Val Jean is inspiring. The clean and worthless righteousness of living according to the law is juxtaposed against the messy and transforming righteousness of living out of love. Really a life-changing picture for those who have eyes to see it.

Again the picture of the converted Jean Val Jean as a good man - tender to the broken and powerful against the heartless - is so beautiful.

To those who have read the book, much of the detailed interaction between the various characters has been left out - which may be disappointing to some. With books being rather inaccessable (because of our busy lives) this incomplete rendering of that timeless tale is nevertheless, outstanding.

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