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Elvis Presley delivers one of his finest early performances in King Creole. Elvis plays a teenager named Danny Fisher, who is forced to drop out of school to help support his ineffective father (Dean Jagger). Drawn to trouble like a magnet, Danny is saved from a jail term by New Orleans salloonkeeper Charlie Le Grand (Paul Stewart), who gives the boy a job as a singer. It isn't long, however, before local gang boss Maxie Fields (Walter Matthau), a shadowy figure from Danny's criminal past, puts the muscle on the boy, ...

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Jul 6, 2009

Let's Talk Elvis

This was the first of many for Elvis. 'Love Me Tender' had taken off , but the formula for an Elvis Musical was set in 'King Creole." Taken from the first of only "two" books written by Harold Robbins, 'A Stone for Danny Fisher,' the plot of the movie loosly meanders through the original text. Having said that and being a HUGE Elvis fan...I LOVED IT!! Remember, I was there when all these tunes came out the first time. So, Buy It, already.

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